QueenPin Design



Savannah, Georgia

When I began freelancing in 2002, I branded myself "QueenPin Design" and promoted my company as a multimedia design studio specializing in brand experiences. QueenPin was a nickname from high school that I earned from being a terrible bowler, which was better than "Gutter Girl". That was fortuitous because the definition of QueenPin is: "A woman who is essential to the success of a group, organization, or operation."

I reside in midtown Savannah, Georgia, with my husband, who is a teacher and sports fanatic, and our 11 year old daughter who loves singing, crafting, and Archie comic books. We also share our home with a sweet rescue puppy and a very patient cat. My husband and I graduated from the same high school in north Atlanta, lost touch, and were re-introduced in the small world of Savannah twenty years later. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family trying new restaurants, kayaking, bicycling, oil painting, hiking, drinking "Southern" tea, researching design trends, collecting 1970's Nancy Drew books, and stalking the internet for great fonts.